It’s that time of year again; the anticipated (or dreaded!) day of overeating, family time, and football, otherwise known as Thanksgiving Day. If you’re on a weight loss journey and succeeding in your quest to reach your goals, a day like Thanksgiving can seem like the end of the world. How can you possibly survive Thanksgiving while on a weight loss program without messing up? What if this one holiday ruins your whole weight loss course?

We’re sharing today our ‘Thanksgiving Survival Guide’ to help you navigate the biggest eating day of the year. One holiday should not, and will not, derail your whole weight loss journey. Keep reading for tips on surviving Thanksgiving without the guilt and overstuffing!

Tip #1 – Stay the Course!

The hardest step in any weight loss program is the first! That’s why during the holidays, it’s important to stay the course. While all of the special holiday meals and dishes are tempting, find the power to stay dedicated to your weight loss program throughout the season. Be sure not to put off your meetings with your weight loss coach, and ensure you’re attending all of your appointments. The holidays are often when you find that you need the help, support, and dedication from your weight loss coach the most. Remember: your weight loss coach is always here to support you and help you navigate through these difficult times in your weight loss journey. Lean on them for support and don’t give up!

Tip #2 – Start Back Up

Sometimes during your weight loss journey it’s okay to take a day off. If you plan on ditching your weight loss program for the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s imperative that you start following your program as soon as the day is over, and only start your “cheat” the morning of Thanksgiving. Limiting your derailment of your program to one day ensures that you’re not going off course for more than one day, and you’re able to get right back on track! This is important for Black Friday Shoppers as well; don’t allow the madness of the shopping frenzy distract you from getting back on track!

Tip #3 – Have A Plan

Before the big Thanksgiving Day arrives, take some time and make a plan for the day. Decide what you will be eating, how much you’re allowing yourself to eat, and stick to it! Have your plan handy on the big day so you’re able to reference it and help make the right choices. Having a plan is always a huge step to success.


Tip #4 – Keep A Log

As important as it is to keep track of what you’re eating while you’re following a weight loss program, it’s also just as important to track what you’re eating even if you’re not following the program closely. On Thanksgiving Day, track what you’re eating like you normally would. By doing so, you’re holding yourself accountable for the choices you’re making throughout the day, keeping your goals in mind, and hopefully making wise decisions based on your tools you’ve learned so far throughout your weight loss journey. If you keep a log, you’re able to look back on the choices you made and move forward with your journey with a fresh start, the day after thanksgiving. 

Tip #5 – Think About Your Drink

While a few glasses of wine on Thanksgiving Day can sound like a good idea, alcohol tends to stimulate appetites and adds a great deal of unnecessary calories to your diet. Think about your drinks and be sure to choose ones that are low in calories. When in doubt, always choose water!

Tip #6 – Don’t Skip Any Meals

It’s important not to skip any meals the day of Thanksgiving. When you skip meals, you’re allowing your body to get overly hungry and you run the risk of overeating. Treat this day just like any other and have your breakfast when you wake up and your normal snacks and smaller meals throughout the day. By doing so, you’re eliminating the risk of overeating due to being too hungry. Over eating is what you don’t want to do on this holiday!

Tip #7 – Smaller Plate, Less Food

A great trick to ensure you’re eating less than you normally would at your Thanksgiving meal is to use a smaller plate to help reduce the size of the portions you eat and help reduce the calories. By filling up a smaller plate, you’re tricking your brain into thinking you’re eating a lot, when you’re only eating a small portion of what you would normally eat with a larger plate. You’ll still feel full because you’ve tricked your mind into thinking you ate a lot because it was a full plate!

Tip #8 – Get in Your Exercise

Just because it’s a holiday doesn’t mean you should skip out on your exercise! Thanksgiving Day is the perfect time to get family members included in your daily exercise. Round up your family and head outside for a fun game of tag football or ask a family member you haven’t seen in a while to take a walk around the neighborhood with you. It’s easy to spend quality time with family while getting a workout in. Avoid the couch this holiday and get moving!

Tip #9 – Be Mindful

Throughout your Thanksgiving Day, remember to stay mindful of your choices. Socialize away from the food table before and after your meal to avoid any excessive food intake and unnecessary slip ups. Mindfully eat and stay in-tune with your body to know when you have consumed too much. Avoid any foods that are high in calories such as bread and choose wisely when it comes to the “not-so-healthy” options such as gravy, stuffing, the skin of the turkey, and all of the high calorie desserts. Don’t let one day ruin any progress that you’ve worked so hard to achieve! 

At Motive Weight Loss Center, our goal is to provide you with a program that fits YOUR life, and that includes the holidays! If you’re ready to take the journey to reach the healthiest version of you, we’ll be here to help guide you! Take the first step and schedule a consultation with us today!