When you start a weight loss program, numbers seem to be the only thing on your mind; the number on the scale, the number of your goal, the number of weeks it will take you to get there. Your ultimate goal is to see, week after week, the numbers on the scale get smaller and smaller, and closer to your goal. But as we all know, not every week do the numbers on the scale get smaller, and sometimes we even see them get larger. It’s easy to feel discouraged when you have a not so great week on the scale, but it’s important to remember all the small victories that you’re achieving off of the scale.

Non-scale victories are health goals that you’ve reached in your life that have nothing to do with your actual weight, but are worth celebrating. When you celebrate your non-scale victories, you’re taking notice to the progress that you’re making on your weight loss program. While it’s easier to track your goals and success based on the numbers on the scale, the non-scale victories are the true measure of success simply because they’re showing the success you’ve made not only to your health but to your life.

Here is our list of 6 non-scale victories that you should be celebrating off the scale:

You Have More Energy

When you start your weight loss program, one of your biggest complaints may be that your energy level is at an all-time low. When you’re carrying around extra weight on your body, your body is using more energy to keep everything functioning to keep you alive. When you lose weight you’ll notice you have more energy and the things that use to tire you out, or were difficult, are now a lot easier. Also, losing weight improves your oxygen efficiency, so you’ll find it much easier to play a game of tennis or run up and down the stairs without getting winded!

You’ll Get More Done

Before you began your weight loss journey, the extra pounds on your body were weighing you down and straining your joints, making your motivation to complete things plummet. You probably found yourself wanting to spend the day on the couch instead of being productive. When you begin shedding the access weight, and gaining your energy back, you’ll start noticing that you’re crossing off more and more from your to-do list.

People Will Ask What You’re Doing Differently

When you start reaching your goals on your weight loss program, the people around you will begin to notice and will probably start asking you “What Are You Doing Differently?” You should be proud of your weight loss journey, and how far you have come, so don’t be ashamed to share with others what you’ve been doing to become a better YOU. Share what has worked for you and what weight loss program you’re following. Tell them about any challenges you’ve faced along the way and how you’ve overcome them. People will be inspired by your dedication to your health and you may even find that they start their own weight loss journey because of your success. Sharing your journey often leads to more success and more motivation!

You Can Exercise Harder and Faster for Longer

When you’re carrying around extra weight, workouts can seem impossible. You don’t have the energy to exercise, you feel uncomfortable going to the gym, and if you do make it to the gym, you may feel pain and burning during your workout. When you start losing weight, you’ll find that you have a better perspective of the gym and working out. You’ll find yourself looking forward to your next work out and feeling a flood of good endorphins after you’ve had a great sweat session. A bonus; you’ll love seeing the progress you start making at the gym, and the great effects it has on your body!

You’re Happier

When you start a weight loss program, chances are you’re there because you’re unhappy about your state of health. While losing weight isn’t the answer to ultimate happiness, it’s a step in the right direction. When you put your mind to something and set a goal for yourself, it seems almost impossible to not feel some happiness when you reach that goal. You’re proud of yourself and proud of the progress that you’ve made. You wanted to make a positive change in your life and you did! You’ll find that when you’ve lost weight, you’re able to do things that bring more happiness into your life such a working out, spending time with family doing physical activity, having more energy to see your friends after a long week, and so on. Taking charge and doing something for you will bring abundance and happiness into your life.

You’re in A Healthier Relationship with Food

If you find you’re overweight, you’re most likely in an unhealthy relationship with food. Even when food tastes too good to skip out on a second helping, it’s important to remember that we use food for fuel, and there is such a thing as “too much of a good thing.” A non-scale victory that you may be overlooking is the better outlook and relationship you have with food. You’ve learned to eat mindfully, instead of eating just because it looks or tastes good. You’ve learned to eat in moderation, and only to eat when you feel physically hungry, and stopping when you feel full. You understand the importance of eating breakfast, and the difference between a snack and a treat. These are all lessons you’re going to take with you, even when you have met your goals. Getting in a healthier relationship with food is the key to not only achieving weight loss but maintaining it.

At Motive Weight Loss Center, we know that any weight loss journey can be tough! Our goal is to help you reach not only your weight loss goal, but to help celebrate with you all your non-scale victories as well! If you’re ready to make the first step, we’re ready to be at your side. Motive Weight Loss Center is more than just a weight loss program, it’s a journey to the healthiest you! Take the first step and schedule a consultation with us today!