Summer is in full swing and that means its vacation season! Whether you’re heading to the beach for a week with your family or jet setting across the country, sometimes it can be difficult to stay focused and stick to your weight loss program. When you’re on vacation it seems like there’s temptation around every corner. To help keep you on track and ready to tackle your vacation without a gain when you step back on the scale, we’re filling you in on our best tips for staying program friendly while enjoying every minute of your vacay!

Be Prepared

Vacations are supposed to be an enjoyable getaway filled with fun and relaxation; not stress. To help keep your vacations worry free, be prepared! Before you head off to your favorite vacation spot, take a few days and make a plan. Here are a few things to consider:

  • Eating Out – Before your vacation, have a talk with your Motive Weight Loss Coach and discuss how you plan to stay on track while you’re away. If you know you will be dining out, come with a list of restaurants you will be enjoying and allow your Motive Weight Loss Coach to look over the menu with you and decide the best dishes to order to stick with your program.
  • Prepare Your Own Meals –If you have the ability to cook while you’re away, we recommend doing so! When you’re cooking instead of eating out, you’re able to monitor what you’re eating and how much you’re eating. This allows you to stick to you plan as if you were home! Talk to your Motive Weight Loss Coach before you leave to come up with a few quick and easy meals that you can whip up on vacation that are program friendly!
  • Bring the Snacks – While on vacation, tempting snacks are around every corner; ice cream, pizza, French fries, OH MY! But it’s important to remember that every small slip up and small bites can easily add up. Plan ahead and bring your snacks with you. The Motive Weight Loss Program makes it easy by providing you with 3 snacks a day. By snacking throughout the day, you’re ensuring that you’re never allowing your body to feel hungry or deprive. Before you head out for your getaway, make sure you’re meeting with your Motive Weight Loss Coach and prepare yourself with enough snacks and meals from Motive to last you through your vacation!

Keep Hydrated

It’s important to remember that even though you’re on vacation, you must keep drinking water! When you’re on-the-go and soaking up the sun, your body can easily become dehydrated. It’s important that you’re staying hydrated and getting your eight 8 oz. of water in each day! Not only will you save your body from becoming dehydrated, but your helping your digestion and fighting off fatigue, and not to mention burning off calories! So, when you’re packing for your trip, toss your favorite water bottle in your luggage and keep it filled up each day. The closer you keep the water to you, the more you’ll remember to drink all day long!

Beware of the Booze

In summer it seems like the most popular drinks are the ones that contain alcohol, but they are one of the fastest ways to interrupt your weight loss. Alcohol has many empty calories, meaning they don’t have any nutritional value. Alcohol also changes the way your body burns fat. Your body becomes more focused on breaking down the alcohol you’ve consumed rather than burning through fat, making the process of losing weight even longer. Another thing to think about are all the additives and mixers that are paired with alcohol that quickly add up. When drinking to excess, you may experience the dreaded hangover the next day and give into a slice of pizza, or two, to help cure it. Alcohol can have lingering effects beyond just sipping on a drink. The bottom line? Alcohol does not go hand-in-hand with weight loss. If you’re sitting by the pool and really want a refreshing drink, instead of sipping on an alcoholic cocktail, make one that’s low in calories without alcohol! You’ll feel refreshed and satisfied without derailing your weight loss!

Get Physical       

Regular exercise is an important part of any weight loss plan. When you’re away, it’s important to remember to stay physical and active. Luckily there are so many fun ways to get your exercise in! If you’re at the beach, start your morning with an early walk along the beach before they get too crowded, and enjoy the sounds and sights of the water! If you love being in the water, head to the local pool and swim a few laps; you’ll stay cool while also burning calories. It’s also easy to get your whole family involved; go for a family bike ride or have them join you on an evening beach walk after you’ve enjoyed dinner. Working in exercise during your vacay doesn’t have to be hard or feel like a punishment. It’s easy to find ways to enjoy exercise while you’re away.

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