Did you know that according to recent studies, 86% of American workers sit all day long at their jobs? When you’re forced to sit and work at a desk all day, you can begin to wonder if you’re hindering your healthy rather than helping it. It’s easy to get into an unhealthy rut at your desk job, so here are our top 5 tips to help you stay healthy if you’re sitting at a desk all day!

Always Eat A Healthy Breakfast

Every knows that Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! When you eat breakfast, you’re helping to kick-start your metabolism which helps to burn off the day’s calories. Not to mention, breakfast gives you energy for the day to help you cross off everything on your to-do list. Luckily at Motive Weight Loss Center, we provide you with your breakfast. Our favorite it our Breakfast sampler, which includes Omelets, Oatmeal, and Pancakes. Start your day off right by enjoying your breakfast before you head into the office – your body and your bosses will be thankful you did.

Prepare All of Your Meals Ahead of Time

While meal prepping may be intimidating, it will be the biggest time saver for your busy life. Motive Weight Loss Center provides you with your breakfast, a snack in the morning, afternoon, and evening, as well as lunch, which covers all your meals besides one – dinner! It’s important to take time at the beginning of you week to meal plan and meal prep. Luckily, with the Motive Weight Loss Program, your Motive Coach will be there to help give you a road map on what to eat each week.

After speaking with your Motive Coach, pick a day (Sundays are the best because they are typically the start of your week!) and plan out all of the meals you want to have that week. The great thing about meal prepping is that the more you make, the more meals you will have! It’s important to remember that no one wants to eat the same seasoned chicken five days in a row, so be sure to plan a variety of meals. Spend a couple hours on Sunday shopping for the ingredients and bringing them home and cooking them up. Once they’re done being prepared, portion them out and put them in Tupperware, and throw a label on them so you remember when you plan on eating them. This will save you time when you head home from your desk job; no wondering what to have for dinner or having to stop by the store for ingredients to cook. Head home after work, pull your dinner out of the fridge, heat it up, and enjoy! You will thank yourself during the week that you took the time to plan and prepare.

Drink Lots of Water

When you’re sitting at your desk, it’s easy to forget to drink water throughout the day, but as we know, staying hydrated is the key to staying healthy and losing weight. It’s common to mistake being thirsty for being hungry, causing you to snack and make poor decisions when it comes to eating meals during the work day. Also, you tend to feel more tired when you’re dehydrated. So, be sure to take a refillable water bottle or cup with you to work and fill up multiple times throughout the day. Remember, you should be drinking at least eight 8 oz. glasses of water daily! Want an easy way to switch it up? Add a squeeze of lemon in the water to give a little bit of flavor.

Don’t Stay at Your Desk for Too Long

Sitting at your desk all day long can take a toll and be tiresome on your body. Staying active, even when you work at a desk, can be easy to do! When you’re at your desk, make it a priority to get up and stretch often. Need a reminder that you’ve been sitting for too long? Set reminders on your work calendar to notify you every hour or so to get up and stretch. Take a walk to the water cooler and refill your water bottle. Take a bathroom break and take the long way back to your desk. Have a lot of meetings that require you to be on the phone? Walk when you talk, even if it’s around your cubicle. Don’t forget, your lunch break is an easy time to get some exercise in. Spend half of your break enjoying your meal, and the other half getting some physical activity in! Walk a few laps around your works parking lot or complex. Want to socialize with your coworkers? Have them join you on your lunch time walk! While it may seem impossible to walk away from your computer when you’re busy, taking 5 minutes to recharge your body will help keep you focused and energized throughout the day.

Plan Your Exercise

If your desk job keeps you busy throughout your work week, it’s important to remember to schedule out your time for exercising! The key to making sure you’re getting all your exercise in during the week is finding a way to hold yourself accountable. Before the week starts, plan out your exercises for the week (maybe even use your meal planning time to plan your exercises too!) Know that your Monday’s are always hectic between work and your kids’ soccer practice? Plan on waking up early on Monday to get your workout in before work. Another way to hold yourself accountable and make workouts more fun is by exercising with your friends. Plan a day when you all can get together after work and take a spinning class together at the gym or take a walk at a local park to catch up. The key is to plan out your time so you’re able to stay on top of everything and hold yourself accountable.

It might seem impossible to carry out a healthy lifestyle when you’re sitting at a desk all day, but with a few small changes to your habits and routines at work, you may see a world of difference not only in your life, but in your health as well. At Motive Weight Loss Center, we are devoted to helping you become the best and healthiest version of yourself. Our weight loss program works because we keep you accountable to your goals with the support and structure you need to change your eating habits for your lifetime. If you’re ready to take the step forward to meet your healthiest self, contact us today!