Steven S. – Clarksville, MD

The weekly coaching relationship at Motive Weight Loss helped me to stay on track! Each week there was a weigh in and discussion of my progress and suggestions for the upcoming week and meal plans. Their hands-on approach was very helpful to my progress.

Suzanne R. – Columbia, MD

I highly recommend Motive Weight Loss! I am a habitual dieter and never found a diet that would train me to eat smaller portions and reduce my carb and sugar cravings. Their simple plan and support made it easy for me to eat on the go, stay organized, and lose 7 pounds in 2 1/2 weeks!

Rick B. – Glenelg, MD

Being able to fully understand my body through Motive’s Body Analyzer, along with my triggers from my Motive Coach, allowed me to finally see what changes I needed and actually make them happen. I’m finally at the weight I have wanted for years.

Bob F. – Clarksville, MD

This is the program that finally worked for me. Motive is practical and that is what worked for my busy life-style.

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You will meet with a Motive Coach that will provide you with a complete body analysis using our state-of-the-art Body Composition Analyzer.


Your nutritional Coach will help you design a program geared toward weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.


Our nutritionists can meet with you weekly to offer guidance and support.

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Motive Weight Loss Center was created to help you improve your health by losing weight. We are not a medical practice or organization, and our staff cannot provide any medical or psychological advice. You are advised to seek professional (medical) advice prior to initiating our program, especially if you have any health situations and/or are taking any medication. Individual weight loss results may vary.