Meet Karen

Karen’s goal is to lose 20 pounds

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Meet Karen!

Karen is a 42-year-old online Marketing Consultant from Harford County, Maryland. She also works on her Garlic Farm that she lives on and owns with her husband. Karen noticed a slow decline in her metabolism over the years, starting at age 35, and an even bigger decline around 40. Karen is a Cycling teacher at her local Y and found that even with her constant workouts she was beginning to creep into the next size jeans, no matter how many classes she taught. She found that even though she was putting in work at the gym, the hard work wasn’t showing on her body, and she began to lose motivation. She decided to join Motive Weight Loss Center to get ahead of her weight because she knew that the older she got, the harder it will be to lose it.

We’re back with Karen, who has recently joined Motive Weight Loss Center and is bringing us along on her Weight Loss Journey!

In the past, Karen had tried a handful of different weight loss programs. She did Weight Watchers around 10 years ago. She found it was time consuming to count her points and calories, and with Karen’s busy lifestyle, that didn’t work.

She also tried Whole30 a few times and was able to figure out what was causing her inflammation in her body, but found the diet was causing her to eat too many fats and starches. She needed a program that included more protein to help her feel full and kick the pesky sugar cravings.

What Motivates Karen? Leading a healthy lifestyle, and having a flatter tummy. She wants to fit into her pants that just don’t fit her anymore. With Karen’s busy lifestyle, she needs a weight loss program that eliminates any guesswork and is easy to follow, and never leaves her feeling hungry after meals. Karen is motivated by Motive’s real-world approach to dieting.

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