Meet Greg

Greg’s lost 40 pounds!

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Meet Greg!

Greg is a 56 year old IT executive from Howard County, Maryland. Over the last few years, Greg had noticed his weight had started to creep up on him, and he was beginning to not like the way he looked, so he decided to begin his weight loss journey at Motive.

Greg has tired Nutrisystem in the past but the program only worked for him temporarily. He found that he would always gain back the weight he lost, sometimes even gaining back more.

What Motivated Greg to lose weight was wanting to feel better. Before Motive, Greg had high blood pressure, and chronic indigestion. Just by changing his diet and losing weight, Greg noticed he no longers suffers from either, thanks to the help of Motive. Greg is motivated by the feeling of being healthy and being able to exercise, which is much easier for him to do now that he isn’t carrying around a bunch of extra weight. In Greg’s spare time he enjoys exercising, biking, playing golf, and driving and working on his cars.

Greg said “I think that my weight loss proves that anyone can do it if you’re committed and stick to it. Some people think it’s extraordinary that I’ve lost so much weight, but it actually isn’t. Anyone can do it! I started with Motive in March and I’ve lost about 43 pounds since then. Motive works!”

Greg lost 17 lbs in 6 weeks. Hear his story.

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Meet Meredith! Meredith is a busy 51-year-old stay-at-home Mom from Howard County, Maryland. Meredith has four children and lives with her husband of 25 years, Mike. As a Breast Cancer survivor, Meredith has spent the last seven years advocating for more breast cancer research and helping newly diagnosed breast cancer patients navigate their diagnosis and treatment plan.

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