Motive is different because we provide one on one coaching support on a weekly basis.  Your Coach will keep you accountable to your goals and provide the support and structure you need for success.

Coaching.  Accountability. Structure.  

Motive works because our Coaches are top of the line nutritionists who will keep you accountable to your goals.  They will provide you with the support and structure you need to change your eating habits for your lifetime.

The program is a guided approach to losing weight in the real world. It is designed for one person: You. The Motive program is focused on teaching you to use food as fuel and to help you make and schedule proper food selections. Your Motive Weight Loss Coach will help you to gain the skills to prepare foods at home, choose the right foods when dining out, and support and motivate you through your journey.

Your Motive Coaches are trained in both nutrition and wellness. They will meet with you each week to review and update your new healthy eating habits. They will help you to address the psychological and emotional causes for your overeating and guide you towards positive thinking, weight loss, and healthy rewards!

Your Coach will typically meet with you at least once a week to help you customize your nutritional program and support you to stay motivated.

Initial consultations are $40 and take approximately an hour. Your consultation will include a full body composition analysis using our state of the art InBody technology.

Your Motive financial investment is based upon the number of weeks you require to reach your Motive goals. The cost includes a portion of your daily food intake. The number of weeks will be determined by your personal body composition results and your health history.

Yes, the Motive plan provides you with breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, and evening snack. Motive Coaches will provide guidelines to help you prepare a healthy dinner.

Your consultation with your Motive Coach will include a complete analysis using the InBody Body Composition Analyzer (BCA). You will be provided a full report which will show you what your body is made of including fat, muscle, water, protein and minerals. It will also measure your visceral fat, which is the fat that surrounds your organs and can lead to many health problems.

Motive celebrates everyone who accomplishes their goals by making you a Motive graduate. As a graduate, you will be entitled to coaching at a bi-monthly session with the InBody composition analyzer. Graduates must stay within 10 pounds of their goal weight to remain in the graduate program. Motive is so proud of its graduates for putting in the hard work it takes to become healthy, and we want to make sure you stay healthy.

New Year. New Motivations.

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You will meet with a Motive Coach that will provide you with a complete body analysis using our state-of-the-art Body Composition Analyzer.


Your nutritional Coach will help you design a program geared toward weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.


Our nutritionists can meet with you weekly to offer guidance and support.


The weekly coaching relationship at Motive Weight Loss helped me to stay on track! Each week there was a weigh in and discussion of my progress and suggestions for the upcoming week and meal plans. Their hands-on approach was very helpful to my progress.

Steven S. – Clarksville, MD

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Motive Weight Loss Center was created to help you improve your health by losing weight. We are not a medical practice or organization, and our staff cannot provide any medical or psychological advice. You are advised to seek professional (medical) advice prior to initiating our program, especially if you have any health situations and/or are taking any medication. Individual weight loss results may vary.