How many times have you gone on a diet to lose weight, only to gain it all back not long after? How many of the tips and techniques that you used during your diet did you actually continue to apply to your everyday life? There is a big difference between going on a diet, and making lifestyle changes to become healthier and lose weight. At Motive Weight Loss Center, the most important part of our weight loss program is to ensure your approach to losing weight is practical and personalized to achieve your goals, and maintain the lifestyle beyond losing the weight.

What is the difference?

The biggest difference between a diet and lifestyle changes is that a diet is only a temporary change to your life.  When most people start a diet, they begin their weight loss plan with a specific outcome in mind. Over time, when the outcome is not easily achieved, dieters slowly begin to return to their previous unhealthy eating habits, before giving up on their diet plan for good. Another important aspect about diets is that they focus on food intake only. A lifestyle change is different. A lifestyle change not only focuses on your food intake and what you’re eating, but also incorporates other factors, such as your physical activity, and your long-term goals. A lifestyle change consists of changing your habits to promote healthy habits to control your weight and focus more on your health. Your health is multifaceted and is deeper than your weight. Our Body Composition Analyzer at Motive Weight Loss Center goes deeper into your physical wellbeing and looks at other parts of your health and body, including your fat and muscles, as well as visceral fat, and how these affect your organs and overall health. A diet is a short-term plan to losing weight, while a healthy lifestyle is a long-term approach to living a healthy life.

Diets Aren’t Forever

While you may be able to lose weight when you diet, the key is maintenance. Here at Motive Weight Loss Center, our Motive Weight Loss Coaches help you create a personalized plan to help reach your goals. Because our Weight Loss Coaches are with you every step of your journey, they know how hard you’ve worked to see results. Therefore, it’s important to Motive Weight Loss Center that you maintain your goals, and the healthy lifestyle that you’ve adopted on your weight loss program. Diets will not last forever, but a healthy lifestyle will with the knowledge, support, and help you receive from Motive Weight Loss Center.

Lifestyle Changes Lead to Weight Maintenance

At Motive Weight Loss Center, our goal is to help YOU reach your goals that you set for yourself. Our Weight Loss Coaches know that weight loss varies from person to person, and is very individualized, which is why we provide you with a personalized approach. We aren’t another failed diet plan. We are a weight loss program that is designed to work for you, beyond weight loss, and focus on getting you to your healthiest self. Having the information we gain with our Body Composition Analyzer allows us to pinpoint the areas you need to work on most, and our coach’s knowledge help to give you a plan to get you there. Some changes are small, others are large, but they all work together with the ultimate goal of reaching and maintain the healthiest version of you!

Make the First Step

We know diets don’t work. They are only a temporary solution to a bigger problem. What does work are the changes you make to you and your lifestyle. Healthy habits and routines are the best habits to create and maintain. They lead to weight loss, help with weight management, and support the healthiest version of you. Lifestyle changes can be small, or larger, and are easy and simple to incorporate into your life. Our Motive Weight Loss Coaches are here to help identify the changes that need to be made, and help you apply them to your life. Nothing is ever easy when you go it alone, so our coaches are here to help!

At Motive Weight Loss Center, our only goal is to help you reach yours! If you’re ready to make the first step, we’re ready to be by your side. Motive Weight Loss Center is more than a weight loss program, it’s a path to the healthiest you. Take the first step and schedule a consultation with us today!