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Weight Loss Coaches at Motive are trained in both nutrition & lifestyle programs. You will meet with a Coach once a week to keep you accountable to your goals during your weight loss journey. Our Coaches will determine what motivates you and help you set personalized goals, then create a roadmap to reach them. You will also discuss the psychological and emotional causes for overeating and the tactics needed to address the causes. Motive also understands real life sometimes gets in the way. That is why we are available by phone or email when needed. Have an impromptu dinner out? Give the Motive Coach a call and we will review the menu to help you make the right choices. You will have an entire team behind you with the support and structure you need to change your eating habits for your lifetime. Start your journey today.



Ginny is an Integrative Health Coach who received her training at Duke Integrative Medicine Professional Health Coach Training Program. She works with individuals one-on-one, taking an inventory of their overall health to establish personal goals and action steps to improve their overall health and well-being. She has previously worked as a health coach in a weight loss clinic, supporting clients seeking to lose weight and develop healthier lifestyle patterns.

Ginny says “I believe that your best health come from a balance lifestyle that includes proper nutrition, incorporating movement and exercise, getting proper rest, and connecting well with others. I love helping others reach their full potential towards all of their wellness goals.”

In Ginny’s free time she loves hiking and staying active. She enjoys reading, cooking, and spending time with her two daughters.

“I look forward to meeting you at Motive to support your health and weight loss goals and to provide you with encouragement as you make meaningful changes in your life.”

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You will meet with a Motive Coach that will provide you with a complete body analysis using our state-of-the-art Body Composition Analyzer.


Your nutritional Coach will help you design a program geared toward weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.


Our nutritionists can meet with you weekly to offer guidance and support.