Meet Meredith! Meredith is a busy 51-year-old stay-at-home Mom from Howard County, Maryland. Meredith has four children and lives with her husband of 25 years, Mike. As a Breast Cancer survivor, Meredith has spent the last seven years advocating for more breast cancer research and helping newly diagnosed breast cancer patients navigate their diagnosis and treatment plan.

Meredith decided to give Motive Weight Loss a try after she failed the Weight Watchers program multiple times. She was interested in Motive because she loves to support local businesses. Besides Motive being a safe and effective weight loss program, Motive offered her personalized attention that is far more palpable than what national diet programs offer. She liked that Motive is owned and operated by members of the Howard County Community and wanted to support them while bettering herself!

When Meredith was on the Weight Watchers diet, she found that it worked for her short-term, but the weight always seemed to come back on. It was the lack of accountability that derailed her program because she was able to skip weigh-ins because no one there knew her name or noticed she was absent. At Weight Watchers, Meredith wasn’t held as accountable as she is at Motive and that helps keep her from slip ups. The Weight Watcher program also gave Meredith too many options to consider and think about. The difference with Motive is she’s able to follow the program and the weight is coming off.  She finds there is no guesswork with Motive and no point calculations. The Motive Program is simple for her: she eats, drinks, walks, sleeps, and repeats!

What motivates Meredith to keep going on the Motive Weight Loss Program are the Motive Coaches! At Motive, the coaches want Meredith to do well. They celebrate her progress and are ALWAYS available for advice or encouragement. The coaches are invested in Meredith and inspire her to follow their guidance. The coaches have met her children, know what her plans are for the weekend, and she looks forward to seeing them every week! The bottom line; Meredith knows that Motive cares!

Before Meredith was a stay-at-home Mom, she was a small business owner herself, creating a line of children’s clothing line utilizing vintage chenille bedspreads from the 1940’s-50’s. Before her small business, Meredith was a criminal defense attorney and is currently studying to receive her Real Estate license. In her spare time, Meredith is a huge HGTV DIY junkee who is always looking for her next home improvement project. She’s currently painting her master bedroom and redecorating, and plans to tackle her master closet next! Meredith enjoys playing tennis and is active on several leagues. At home, she also lives with her two boxers, three cats, and 2 newley rescued goldfish from the Howard County Fair, along with her husband and children!