Karen’s One Month Update on The Motive Program

I’m a pretty active person… I teach cycle class 2 times a week at my local Y, weight train, used to teach Les Mills GRIT (a high intensity interval class) until I got injured, play with my dogs, and own a small garlic farm on 5 acres which is always requiring lots of manual labor. And while I’m active and strong, I still struggle with the scale.  My goal has always been to be healthy, but at 5’9 my max weight should be 160, and here I was 41 and 23 lbs over that max. Lemme tell ya something, height hides it well!

As a kid I’ve always had strong sugar cravings which followed me into adulthood. Gramma’s banana cupcakes? Yes, please! As I became more involved in the fitness space I figured my macros were off but had no idea where to start. I tried keto, paleo and the whole 30 diets and while I felt better on them I’d lose a few pounds but nothing that ever stuck. There was a positive side to them though; they showed me that my body doesn’t like lactose.  Bye-bye milk and hello almond milk. 

Karen's Weight Loss Story

Fast forward to June when I had a blood clot and learned I was anemic. It was eye opening to me as I hadn’t been able to muster the energy to go to the gym for the last 6 weeks and now things made sense. Unfortunately I found this out after I gained 5 lbs which is what lead me to Motive, but starting a weightloss program in the middle of the summer when you own a pool and a tiki bar — cocktails! — and have vacations planned is rough. Let me tell you what my first two months have been like.

The first month wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. Breakfast was either pancakes with agave syrup or oatmeal, and while there are plenty of options for lunch. I tend to be a creature of habit and tend to opt for soup and a veggie, or  mac and cheese over fresh, cooked green beans. Combine that with a sensible dinner of protein and veggies, and not one, not two but three snacks a day and the weight started to come right off. I was feeling great and clothes were fitting better.  By the time I left for the beach at the end of July I was down 5 lbs and I had 4 more pairs of shorts that fit — win!

As we moved into August that’s when things got a bit harder. The water weight was gone, I just started iron infusions so my energy level wasn’t enough to push me to the gym aside from the two classes per week that I taught, and we either had company staying with us every weekend, or I was on the road traveling. I cut up veggies and put them in a travel cooler and did a fairly good job of keeping on task but when in NJ there are both bagels and pizza one MUST enjoy.  Fast forward two weeks later to a house full of company and my birthday and there was a bit of a downward spiral. I did well every week losing a pound or two until the weekend came, and last week the temptation of birthday cake and cocktails was strong! So far in August I’m down 2 pounds, and yesterday at check-in I went up half a pound week over week. Wanna know the cool things though? The InBody machine showed me that while I gained weight I actually lost 3 lbs of fat last week which I credit to a few sessions of  hot yoga and some excessive house renovations we’re working on. So while it didn’t present itself as a win, I still feel good about the week.

One other thing I’ve noticed since starting Motive is that I don’t have strong sugar cravings anymore. The counselors said that would be the case as you consume more protein.

While it’s always sad to say good-bye to the summer I’m eager to close the pool and continue on my weightloss mission with fewer temptation.  Then again there always is pumpkin spice everything. More to come!